Areas of family law:

First and foremost, our office provides outstanding service in the area of family law.

Family law in Israel involves unique laws, more complex than those in other countries.

In other countries, there is a single system of laws applying to all citizens.

By contrast, in Israel, two different legal systems exist.

Personal law applies to spouses that are Jewish, Muslim and Druze as well as those belonging to some Christian sects, each one according to his/her religion.

General law applies in certain areas for all citizens and also includes marriage of spouses of different religions and relations between couples that are not based on official marriage.


Besides the existence of two sets of laws, several law courts are involved:

The Family Courts are courts authorized to judge in any matter in the area of family except for marriage and divorce, which is handled exclusively by the relevant religious courts. However, in cases of spouses of different religions or religions not recognized by law, the Family Courts have the authority to end the marriage.

The religious courts in Israel serve the Jews, Muslims, Christians and Druze. These courts have exclusive authority to rule on marriage and divorce. However, for matters of child support, custody, property and wills, the regular and religious courts have parallel authority.


Our office handles all matters involving family law, applying a high level of professionalism in all the relevant courts, including Family Court, Rabbinical Court, and Sharia Court (for Islamic law).

Our office also handles enforcement of payment of child support through the court execution office.


Understanding that the subject of divorce is emotionally complicated and difficult, our office strives to provide as much support as possible to its clients to help them get through this far from easy period, including emotional support throughout the process.