About the office:

Itamar Landau, Attorney at law, established the office for the purpose of providing top quality legal representation that will provide a ray of hope to any person facing a complex legal situation, whether by choice or necessity.

The average person facing legal problems does not know how to best deal with the situation at hand. Most people look for solutions on the Internet and are flooded with information but lack the knowledge to know what is applicable for them in their specific situation.

Our office is interested in helping you in these situations.

The office focuses on their main areas: family law, torts and civil law.


Family law – Marriage and divorce, child custody, alimony, wills, etc.

Personal injury and property damage – Personal injury caused by medical malpractice, traffic and work accidents, etc. as well as property damage caused by the actions of another person.

Civil law – contracts, eviction, insurance claims, etc.


A search of the Internet generally results in the following recommendation: “Do not consult with a legal office that works in many fields since it is an expert in none.”

Our office is different since Itamar Landau, the leading attorney, worked for some nine years at the court in Haifa. As part of his job at the court, he acquired thorough knowledge of all the above areas. He worked for four years in family law and another five years in torts and civil law.


Itamar Landau aims to allow a person to understand the legal system, sleep peacefully and be as calm as possible through the end of the legal process.

עו"ד איתמר לנדאו

About Itamar Landau, attorney at law:

What leads a 31 year old man, the only income provider and married with four children, to drop everything to study law?

The answer is the desire to help others.


Itamar Landau, Attorney at law, combines his internal strong desire to help others with his love of law and the legal profession.

After some nine years in the court, he decided to become independent, open his own office and apply his experience acquired in the court in his work “behind the scenes” of court actions to the benefit of those for whom legal language is alien, complicated and difficult.


Itamar loves the path of compromise and peace. He studied and conducted numerous courses on mediation and mediation principles in family law.


However, when mediation does not lead to the end of the conflict, he will spare no effort to benefit his clients.